VUCCWA membership is open to:

  • Organizations located in and serving the needs of DTES residents.
  • Individuals serving the needs of DTES residents
  • Residents

Urban Core has identified 3 levels of involvement; a person or an organization may participate:

Full Membership

A full member is invited to attend all general Urban Core meetings, has voting privileges, and pays an annual membership fee. Full members are also encouraged to join a subcommittee.

The annual fee is $30.00 per organization or $10.00 per individual, payable to the Treasurer of VUCCWA on, or before, each Annual General Meeting. In cases of financial hardship, please refer to the Executive Committee to discuss alternative options.

To remain in good standing a member; individual or organization must attend 60% of the general meetings and has paid their membership dues for the current year.

  • Organizational membership grants two seats at the general meeting and is not necessarily tied to a particular representative unless that representative holds a nominated position.
  • Each member organization or individual member in good standing will have on vote.
  • Voting will be open to all appointed representatives whose membership is current and in good standing.

Subcommittee membership and participation

Subcommittee participation is an excellent way for individuals interested in joining Urban Core to see how our work, values, and mission align with their own (or organizational) purpose.

  • There are no annual fees to participate at a subcommittee level.
  • Membership in subcommittees is governed within each committee as necessary to carry out their respective goals.

Distribution List

Joining the distribution list is open to any member of the community wishing to stay informed of events and information that is communicated through the VUCCWA email distribution list.

  • To be included on the distribution list there are no fees or requirment to attend meetings.