The following Subcommittees were in place between 2015-2019. This is for reference only.

In the past, Vancouver Urban Core has formed highly engaged subcommittee groups to advance its strategic mission and vision. There were four subcommittees with distinct focus areas:

The Social Hiring Action Committee sought ways to demonstrate to the private sector that socially inclusive hiring is good for business.

Legislative Change Committee studied the systemic barriers that prevents individuals from accessing income generating opportunities in the DTES.

The Network and Outreach Committee is committed to engaging the DTES community in Urban Core’s work and to build an inclusive membership that represents the various perspectives of all DTES residents and stakeholders.

The Legal Vending and Advocacy Committee 
advocated for a common framework for local community members to earn money through vending.

Social Hiring Action Committee
Chair: Tara Taylor

The Social Hiring Action Committee was established to find ways to demonstrate to the private sector that hiring socially makes economic sense. We have set out to conduct research on the level of social hiring happening within the DTES and determine how receptive traditional businesses are to hiring socially if they are not doing so already, and connect them with the organizations and resources to make social hiring simple and effective for their business.

Current Initiative: TBD

Legislative Change Committee
Chair: Steven Johnston

The Legislative Change Committee was a working group committed to understanding the systemic barriers that prevent individuals from accessing income generating opportunities in the DTES, as well as the barriers to the widespread adoption of impact hiring. The Legislative change had an inaugural event on May 19, 2016 to establish a working relationship with the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation to begin surfacing what works about the current service delivery model, and what doesn’t, from the employer’s perspective. LEDlab and Potluck Cafe Society co-hired a policy intern to help map the income assistance system, and carry forward the work from the May 19th event.

Current Initiative: The committee’s main priority is to utilize the income generation continuum as an avenue for advocacy and assessing Poverty Reduction Plans across all levels of government.